Thursday, 25 September 2008

Max Payne Live-Action Comic

A live-action comic clip has been unveiled for the upcoming movie Max Payne:

The Beginning

Ever hear the legend of the Valkyries?
Winged Norse deities who carried fallen heroes off to Valhalla?
Neither did I... Until half the junkies and low lifes in the city started showing up with these tattoos. What was left of them anyway.

I am a homicide detective.
For 10 years I've been paid to find answers.
This time the answers found me.
And nothing would ever be the same.

Three years earlier... I had it all.
A career I was good at, a beautiful wife and baby boy: the American dream come true.

But dreams have a nasty habit of becoming nightmares when you're not looking. I remember everything about that night... except what happened.
Something was there... But it sure as Hell wasn't an angel.
I knew the sun would come tomorrow and I knew I would be alone to see it.

In a nightmare every choice you make is the wrong one.

I used to think my family died for my sins now I think they died for someone else's.
For me this case will never go cold.

I've spent my whole life pursuing justice...

This Max Payne live-action comic featurette sheds a new light on the movie: actually I'm even starting to appreciate the choice of Mark Wahlberg as Max Payne.