Thursday, 10 July 2008

Max Payne First Official trailer

Max PayneMax Payne is an upcoming action movie, based on the popular video game franchise of the same name. The film is directed by John Moore and is starring Mark Wahlberg in the role of NYPD detective Max Payne.

Here below the first official Max Payne trailer:

The Plot:
"The plot will be based on the plot of the first Max Payne game, but with certain differences and some new characters:

Three years prior to the movie's beginning, tragedy struck NYPD detective Max Payne (Wahlberg) when his wife and daughter were murdered; the killers were never found.

In the present, a series of murders arises that bear resemblance to the method in which Payne's wife was killed. Investigating the matter further and realizing that the two cases are connected, Payne comes into conflict with the police department, a sister of one of the victims (Kunis), the local mafia, and a prospering drug manufacturing corporation." (Source: Wikipedia)

For those who are not expert of Max Payne's universe, the flying creatures are the Valkyries. They appear to people who use Valkyr, a drug made by Aesir for the military (Deep Six project) to replicate the effects of berserker rage in soldiers.

The basic storyline of Max Payne the movie is the same as in the first video game but with little tweaks here and there as we said. Unfortunately for some diehard fans the film Max Payne will be a mere PG-13 movie while the game was rated M...


John Brier said...

what is the song in that trailer and who is it by?

Max Payne said...

Hi John,

About the soundtrack of this max Payne Trailer:

The Song title is "If I was your Vampire" performed by Marilyn Manson from album "Eat me, Drink me".


peter said...

I am huge fan of both games, and this looks like it will be awesome. Wahlberg is an interesting choice, but he looks like a damn good fit, I can't wait. This may well be the best video game movie ever, but I already knew the game had that potential. Thanks for posting this, it made my day.

Anonymous said...

I really wish the movie was realistic,it looked great up until it went religious :P